Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and the largest country in South and Latin America. In addition, the country's economy is the largest in Latin America. Brazil is a popular tourist destination , attracting five million visitors in 2010. 

"The Pure Good of Theory" Edit

In part two of Stevens' poem "The Pure Good of Theory," entitled "Description of a Platonic Person," Brazil figures in the first line of the section as the setting for what follows. Brazil is described as a welcoming, inviting place that will "nourish the emaciated Romantic." In part because of this poem's publication date of 1947, the platonic individual in this section of the poem may be a Jewish refugee fleeing Europe during World War II, as evidenced by the last line: "He was a Jew from Europe or might have been." This individual seeks solace in the "holiday hotel" found in Brazil. 

Then came to Brazil to nourish the emaciated 

Romantic with dreams of her avoirdupois, green glade 

Of serpents like z rivers swimming,

Green glade and holiday hotel and world 

Of the future, in which the memory had gone

From everything, flying the flag of the nude,

The flag of the nude above the holiday hotel. [1]

References Edit

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